About Us


We exist to provide comfortable, quality, and stylish furniture, with a crazy level of service, all at fair prices every day...then you can love your home and we can change lives in Austin and around the world.

Love People, Bring Comfort, Fair Trade

Of course this means the comfort that furniture can bring; but, it is also bringing comfort to those that are rebuilding from a natural disaster. Comfort of a second chance to an employee who didn’t think they could get a job with a record. Or, comfort to a child who has never owned a mattress. We are in the business of people and this is our purpose.

We believe everyone should be treated with love and respect. We seek to live the life of the Good Samaritan whose love went beyond religion and ethnicity. Our owners are followers of God first and foremost, but we will never force our beliefs on anyone! We seek to love and serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

From our own organization to the vendors we partner with, we look to follow the principles of fair trade. To provide fair pay, safe working conditions, protect the environment, and create opportunity within their communities. We partner with organizations that empower individuals through their work to live sustainable lives.

Love Your Home - Change The World

Most people think furniture shopping is stressful! There are so many things to think through that can leave your home not looking or feeling the way you dreamed.

We believe that everyone should have a comfortable home that they love and making your home look great should be painless and fun, not stressful! We can help make your home look the way you dreamed with comfort, quality, and style without you going broke and waiting months sitting on the floor.

We exist to furnish quality comfort with crazy service at fair prices every day...then you can love your home and we can change lives around the world.


  1. Unique Products- Furniture designed by us, customized by you, and made in Austin.
  2. Fun and Easy- a non-pushy environment, painless buying process, fast delivery, store experience unlike any other, crazy service at fair prices.
  3. More than Furniture – When you shop with us you are not only getting the most comfy furniture in the world, you are changing the world. You are giving jobs to artisans, not only around the world, but also to Austinites as well those that are trying to get second-chance employment. 


As one of Austin's largest locally owned furniture stores - we are constantly striving to be relevant to style, comfort, and offer amazing value without skimping on quality!

We're here to find you exactly what you need, even if it means customizing furniture to your space. The best part? We believe everyone should have comfortable, attractive furniture, and we'll work with you to finance your purchase. Even if your credit isn't the greatest (or you're a first time buyer!), we'll work with you to make sure you're smiling by the time you leave. To top it all off, to keep you shopping local, we'll BEAT THE BIG BOX PRICES BY $10! You're not just a customer, you're our neighbors and we want to make a lasting relationship with you.

You could choose one of those big box stores, but we sincerely appreciate you choosing Austin's Couch Potatoes! We're here for you, for our city, and you can count on our commitment to serve your family for generations to come.

Remember - Keep Austin Comfy!
Brian, Dan, & Travis

Brian Morgan
Dan Anthony
Travis Morgan